Learn how to take the trolley car in Buenos Aires!

Trolley cars stopped working in Buenos Aires around 1963. But on Weekend and Holidays you can have free rides in a historical trolley car in the neighbourhood of Caballito. The ride is free, check here for more details on how to take a trolley car at Buenos Aires.

What to do in Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is one of the youngest and more attractive gastronomic poles. Without any doubt Puerto Madero is a place that any tourist should visit. Don;t miss the bridge "Puente de la Mujere", fountain of Las Nereidas and Frigate ship Sarmiento. Check our article to find more places to visit at Puerto Madero.

Le Caravelle: The best cappuccino of Buenos Aires

Le Caravelle is located in the city centre at Lavalle 726. we recomment to order a cappuccino at this place. It was close for a year since 2016, but at 2017 it was re opened. it's usually open until 19hs. You can call to verify open and close hours at 011 4322-1673