Visiting the Ecological Reserve of buenos aires

With 350 acres, the ecological reserve is the biggest green space in the city of Buenos Aires. Many people come to this place to walk, jogging, bike ride or have a day in the park. The reserve has many paths you can walk and many of them will take you to the riverbank.

Guided visits at Barolo Palace

Barolo palace is located at Av. de Mayo 1370, close to the Congress. The palace offers guided visits to English. Learn more here about the guided visits.

Rivadavia Park - Caballito Buenos Aires

This park was founded in 1928 and it was built over the land of the Lezica family, also the owners of the land of the centenary park. The park is around 6 acres and it was designed by Carlos Thays. Learn here how to get to the park. Visiting this park could be a nice experience on your travel to Buenos Aires.