Tourism in the Recoleta neighborhood

Check here our article to know what to do in Recoleta Buenos Aires. We provide information to guide you on places you must visit in Recoleta. At the surroundings of the Recoleta cemetery, there are many museums, restaurant and places to visit.

How to use the public transport in the City of Buenos Aires

In this article we explain how to use the public transport in buenos aires. we recomment places to buy the sube card and how to ask the driver your destination.

A visit to La Boca, Buenos Aires

Caminito is an alley museum and a traditional passage of great cultural and tourist value located at the neighborhood of La Boca. If you are planning to travel to Buenos Aires you must visit Caminito and la Bombonera. Please read the article since this neighborhood could be very dangerous for tourists if you walk away from the safe zone.