Buenos Aires Turism Obelisk

Hablaremos un poco sobre la historia del obelisco, la zona y las ventajas - desventajas que tiene el turista hospedandose cerca del obelisco. La dirección exacta es Avenida Corrientes 1051 y Podrá visitar el obelisco todos los días las 24 hs de manera gratuita. buenos aires obelisk height is 223 feets.

Guide visits at Victoria Ocampo house | What to do in San Isidro

In this article, we will talk about Victoria Ocampo mansion in San Isidro which is a very nice guided tour to do in San Isidro for tourists. Guided Visits are available Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 2 pm. Check our article to know more about things to do in San Isidro Buenos Aires.

Visiting legislature of Buenos Aires City

The legislature palace of Buenos Aires City is located at plaza de mayo and is an example of Argentina monumentalist architecture. Visits are from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. The address is Perú 160, just next to the Cabildo. The palace has three floors linked by a monumental order of columns ending in a large cornice and the attic floor adorned with sculptures, recreate certain classic French models.