All about Palermo Roses Garden

When you are a tourist in Buenos Aires, Palermo is a must visit the place. In this article, we explore The Garden of Roses in Palermo, very close to the Italy park. check here how to get to the garden or what to do in Palermo.

Coast train station Anchorena

The coast train (or tren de la Costa in Spanish) is a touristic train which goes through the neighbourhoods of Vicente Lopez, San Isidro, San Fernando and Tigre. In this article, we explain everything about the station Anchorena.

Iguazu falls attractions (puerto Iguazu)

The Iguazu Falls were chosen as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. They are formed by 275 jumps, 80% of them are located on the Argentine side. You must visit the Devil's Throat. You can get to the falls using public transport from Puerto Iguazú, the bus is called "Río Iguazú". The round trip ticket costs around $11 USD per person. The bus starts at Hito de las Tres Fronteras from 7:30 am and the last bus from the Falls to Puerto Iguazú is at 7:50 pm. If you want to know more about Iguazu falls read out the article here