Café Tortoni: Old coffee store in Buenos Aires

The name comes from the famous Tortoni coffee from Paris. Cafe Tortoni is one of the most representative coffee stores of the traditional Mayo avenue and is a legend at the city of Buenos Aires. The coffee store is great if you have a rainy day and you keep asking yourself “What to do on a rainy day in Buenos Aires?” then this coffee store is a must visit! Check here for more information.

Ischigualasto Park - San Juan - Argentina

Ischigualasto park or moon valley (Valle de la luna) is one of the most famous landscapes of San Juan. The park is very dry and there are very few rainfalls during the year in the park. The moon valley circuit has around 24 miles and you have to do it with a vehicle. The circuit takes around 3 hours.

Epecuen abandoned town in Buenos Aires

In this article, we make a review about the abandoned town called Epecuen in Buenos Aires. We also explain how to visit expected. If you are going to stay for several weeks in Buenos Aires, visiting this town could be a great option.