Colonia del Sacramento tourism

Colonia del Sacramento is one of the oldest city of Uruguay. In this article we recommend what to do in Colonia and how to travel from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Uruguay with a ferry. We explain how to travel to the bullring and show to you places you must visit. How much time should I stay in colonia? We also answer this!

Things to do in Buenos Aires (CABA)

Check here what to do in the City of Buenos Aires. We have articles about Plaza de mayo, San Telmo, Puerto Madero, Congreso (Congress), La boca, Palermo and more! Check here some unique tips like how to travel using the public transport (SUBE card). If you visit Buenos Aires you must have an asado (barbecue), local pizza and milanesa.

Planning your travel to Argentina: Patagonia (Calafate-Chalten-Ushuaia)

Argentina is a very big country in the southern portion of South America.In this article we will show the most beautiful regions to visit in Patagonia.