Ateneo grand splendid - Bookstore you must visit

The grand splendid is the second most import book store in the world. Originally the place was a theatre was the first movies were played. On weekends the place is open from 9 am to 12 am ( midnight) and Sundays from 12 pm (midday) to 10 pm. Weekdays: from 9 am to 10 pm. Check this article to know where the grand splenind is located.

Bahamas versus Miami

We compare two different beaches. Miami offers very nice restaurants, safe beaches and several options to do at night. On the other side grand bahama offers awesome beaches with almost no people in it, it's a lot more expensive and you can eat at the hotel only (almost). Which one do you prefer? Check this blogpost with a video to compre both

Planetary in Palermo (Buenos Aires)

Check here what to do in Palermo at Ciudad Autonoma of Buenos Aires. Here we explain details about planetary (Planetario) which is near to Plaza Italia. We recommend to watch the lights show at 10:00pm on the weekends, check here for more details and another times and days to watch this light show. There are another activities to do.