Rivadavia Park - Caballito Buenos Aires

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This park was founded in 1928 and it was built over the land of the Lezica family, also the owners of the land of the centenary park. The park is around 6 acres and it was designed by Carlos Thays.

Parque rivadavia

The park has a lot of different trees and an artificial lake in the centre. At one side of the park, you will find a fair that sells used books, vinyl and cassettes. There is one old Ferris wheel which is the only thing that survived from the Lezica family and today is a water fountain and a rink. At the centre of the park, you will find some monuments to Simon Bolivar and to the mother of Luis Perlotti.

The park is very busy on the weekend and you will find many people drinking mate at the park. Very close to the park you can find a trolley car that works every weekend.

Parque rivadavia

The address for the park is Av. Rivadavia 4700. You can get to the park by using the subway A, you have to get down at “Acoyte station”. There are a lot of buses that will take you there also. To know which buses to take remember to use the official government application called “Como Viajo”