Epecuen abandoned town in Buenos Aires


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Epecuen is a touristic town located at Adolfo Alsina in Buenos Aires. The town is located at 4 miles from another town called Carhue where you can find some hostel, hotels or rooms to rent. There are approximately 380 miles from Capital Federal up to Carhue.

In the past, the town was famous due to some due to some medicinal properties of the lake, similar to the dead sea. It was founded in 1921 and it had a capacity for 5000 tourists.

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In 1985 Buenos Aires has been under one of the worst floods of their history and the defensive embankment gave away in November of that year. The province of Buenos Aires determined that the town should remain flooded to order the water displacement of the watershed.

Here is the original drecee: DECRETO 9320/86 “Que sobre la actual situación de anegamiento y con el fin de ordenar el desplazamiento de los volúmenes de aguas propias de la cuenca, ­es necesario mantener el área urbana de Villa Epecuén inundada, de modo que el Lago Epecuén operaría con una capacidad accesoria de regulación, que complementada con construcciones adicionales, proveería una significativa capacidad reguladora de las masas de aguas del sistema;”

In 1993 the town was under more than 22 foot of water. Today water levels are lower and the ruins can be seen. After 25 years the ruins emerged and the place can be visited by tourists. The ruins are usually frequented by photographers or people who came to the hot springs.

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How to get to Carhue?

There is a bus that leaves every day from Retiro terminal (this terminal is dangerous, be careful there!). The bus will take you to Carhue, where you should find someplace to rent. There are two companies that arrive at Carhue: Pullman http://www.gralbelgrano.com.ar/ Chavallier http://www.nuevachevallier.com/

You can buy the tickets from the webpage using a credit card.

When to visit the ruins?

The best time to visit Epecuen is during autumn or spring. If you go in winter the temperature could be 0C and in summer you will find a hard time to find a shadow (you can’t use the lake near the ruins). It’s very recommended that you take food and a couple of water bottles since at the ruins there is no place to buy anything.

Where to stay?

We used airbnb, but there are also some hotels there.

What to eat?

Carhue is a small town and there aren’t many options to eat. We use to buy food at pollito verde, whose owners are the children of the owners of gallina verde (a place destroyed by the flood). We also eat at some restaurants, but during the week most of them are closed.

How to go from Carhue to Epecuen.

Epecuen is very close to Carhue you can even go by foot.


If you go by foot you will have to walk around 2 miles arrive to the slaughterhouse and around 4 miles to Epecuen. People at this town is very friendly and some of them will pick you up at the road.


At the secretaria turismo (Colón 1180) of Carhue you can rent some bikes for half day or full day. The rent cost s very cheaply (around 3 to 5 usd).


There is a gravel road that goes by the lake. We don’t recommend to take this road is there weather conditions are not good. Be careful while driving on this road, we saw some cars locked in the road.

Epecuen map

Here is a map of Epecuen and some photos of the places marked:

Old Carhue cemetery

The old Carhue cemetery was also under water for several years. You can get there by going to the “Cristo el camino” R6JG+MJ Carhué, Buenos Aires, from there you have to walk near the lake and by the end of the path, you will find de cemetery R6J8+FX Carhué, Buenos Aires.

More information

Turistic information +54 9 2923 649190 (whatsapp) www.termasdecarhue.gov.ar