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Florida Street

Florida street is one of the most famous streets in the city. Florida St. is a pedestrian street. The street starts near Plaza de Mayo up to San Martin Park. You will find many shops that sell leather and clothes from local brands. You will also find food and coffee stores. Sometimes you will find people selling crafts and people dancing the tango (common in LaValle and Florida). Most of the shops are open from 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Sunday, expect some shops to be closed on Sunday. Be careful with some thieves at Florida street and never use an “arbolito”. “Arbolitos” are people who exchange money in the illegal market.

Corrientes Avenue

Obelisco Calle Corrientes

Corrientes avenue starts at Puerto Madero and it ends at cacharita neighbourhood. The avenue is around 70 blocks and its one of the most famous avenues of Buenos Aires city (after 9 de Julio). The avenue is known as the avenue that never sleeps and near the Obelisco, you will find a lot of theatres and pizzerias. Some notable bars are also on the Corrientes avenue or very close to it. Recently Corrientes avenue had some changes and the government decided to make the sidewalk bigger by reducing the car lanes on weekends. You will find the Opera theatre and the metropolitan city, which are the most classics theatres of Corrientes.