Typical Argentinian Desserts and their history

There are classical desserts of Argentina, but others became popular after de 1810 revolution and 1816 independence. Some old desserts became obsolete after a big immigration flow brought new dishes.

Fry Pastelitos of quince

This dessert is similar to an empanada but the filling is usually with quince or sometimes with sweet potato. They are always fried and the dough is crunchy and flaky pastry. They are usually eaten cold and sometimes they have impalpable sugar. This dessert is a tradition every year at the 25th of May on the commemoration of the independence. You can buy Pastelitos at the bakery and also at some restaurants,


Pastafrola has its origin at Italy, but it's very common in Argentina. It consists of a dough based on flour, fat and egg. The cake has a special appearance, it has strips that form a grid and you can see the filling on the grid, which is usually quince or sweet potato.

Pasta frola

Torta frita

Torta frita (fry cake) is very common in Argentina, especially while having a Mate. It consists of dough based on wheat flour, yeast, water and salt, very similar to traditional bread. The dough is fry for some minutes and after its cold, you can eat it. You will find this fry cake at meetings or you can buy them on the street. It's not very common to buy it in bakery or restaurants, you will need to ask some Argentinian friend to have some mates and fry cake if you want to try this delicious.


You can find facturas in every bakery store in Argentina, there are many different types and they are usually sold by the dozen. You will find the well-known croissants, the cañoncitos de dulce de leche and many other different types. It's very common to have some mates and facturas at tea time.



Alfajores are two cookies with some filling between them. The filling is usually dulce de leche, but sometimes could be chocolate or quince. Some of them have a chocolate coating. You can buy alfajores almost everywhere, at kioskos, supermarkets and at the bakery. There are many variants of alfajores, for example at the bakery is common to find cornstarch alfajores with some grated coconut.


Dulce de leche pancake

Pancake with dulce de leche is very common. Its a thin sheet of dough cooked in a pan. Argentinians usually eat them with dulce de leche instead of fruits or maple syrup.

bread pudding

bread pudding is a drought of old bread, butter, eggs and sugar. After bake, it has a consistent form and a darker colour. Its eat cold and of course, you eat it with dulce de leche and cream. This dessert is very common since you can reuse old bread to do it. We recommend to try it since its very delicious. You can buy it at restaurants or bakery.

Rogel cake

It is a type of bocaditos type alfajor with layers of puff pastry dough, filled with dulce de leche and with a juicy merengue cover. In the past, the Rogel was selling at small sizes, but now you can find it as a cake.

Torta Rogel

Pionono de dulce de leche

The pionono consists of a long sheet of sponge cake filled with cream, dulce de leche. You can find salad variants that have jam and cheese.


The vigilante dessert is also known as Martín Fierro and it is a more than simple dessert: a piece of fresh cheese and sweet quince. The most common variation is the "cheese and sweet potato" where instead of a piece of sweet quince, it is eaten with sweet potato. It should also be noted that in each region of the country is eaten with traditional sweets of the area, so it is one of the typical desserts of Argentina with greater variations in the country. To make the Vigilante you can buy fresh and sweet cheese in any supermarket or ask at a restaurant (it's more common at bodegones).