What to do in Puerto Madero

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Puerto Madero is one of the forty-eight neighbourhoods in which the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) is divided. The neighbourhood is one of the youngest and more attractive gastronomic poles. It is located near the city centre, it has a very nice view of the river and it's infrastructure makes it one of the most visited places by tourists. The neighbourhood is considered one of the safest in the city. All of the street names are women of Argentina history.

Puerto Madero

The neighbourhoods are full of restaurants and discos. Puerto Madero hosts one of the biggest building in the country. You will find luxury houses, hotels and offices. If you will visit Buenos Aires, you must visit Puerto Madero.

What you should do at Puerto Madero on your visit?

Puerto Madero - Puente Mujer

Without any doubt Puerto Madero is a place that any tourist should visit, there you will find the bridge called "Puente de la mujer" which is one of the most known places in the neighbourhood. The bridge represents a couple dancing the Tango.

  • The fountain of Las Nereidas: located in front of the centre of museums of the city, it's was made by Lola More. The real meaning of this sculpture is the creation of the ideal feminine beauty. The sculpture is recognized as one of the most important in the city and it was declared as a national historical monument.

  • Museum of Calcos and recognized which is located at the school of arts of la Cárcova, which was inaugurated in 1928. The museum shows copies and replicas from the Sumerian culture up to Renaissance. Most of the replicas were obtained directly from the originals. You can see the "David", Venus of Mile y other important pieces of arts from Greek, Roman, etc.

  • Museum of telecommunications located at Italianos Avenue 851. It's open since 1980 and the building was originally from the Munich brewery. The museum offers an interactive experience and it shows different pieces of the technological evolution from the Telegraph up to the Internet.

  • At "Dique" 2 you can visit the Porteño windmill. The windmill was built in 1891 and it was operative until 1956. It has a very distinctive architecture and it was declared national heritage.

  • Frigate ship Sarmiento: This frigate was built in England and it has more than 100 years. In 1987 it became the first vessel school of the Argentina army and it represented the most advanced sailboat of it's the type. The frigate required more than 90 men onboard. It has the name of the founder of the school of Argentina: Domingo F. Sarmiento. It made 39 trips around the world and travel 1.100.000 maritime miles in total. The frigate stop to work in the ecology reserve.

  • Cristóbal Colon monument and park: Located at the Rábida avenue. It was built on the centenary of the Argentina independence and thanks to the Italian Antonio Devoto. The author was Arnaldo Zocchi and it was inagurated in 1921. The sculpture was made with Carrara marble and it wirght 38 tonnes with a height of 20 feet. The monument preserves the holes of the bullets fired during the bombing at Plaza de Mayo in 1955 in an attempt to bring down president Perón.

  • Windmill Ríos del Plata: Located at Dique 3, it was finished in 1920 and it was made at the most flourishes time of the Buenos Aires port.