Visiting legislature of Buenos Aires City

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Legislatura CABA desde un drone

The Legislature Palace has a museum inside the building in which you will see the history and the architecture of this amazing building. It was inaugurated on December 2, 2015, after more than one year of research, restoration and heritage enhancement of the upper galleries of the Dorado and San Martín lounges of the Legislature.

The museum has two thematic axes, one historic and the other architectonic. Inside you will find historical documents, pictorial works, vintage furniture, models and scenographic recreations. There is one saloon called "Sala de Ayerza" dedicated to the architect who built the palace.

Legislatura CABA

The superior gallery exhibits a historical tour from 1580 which the origin of the Cabildo until the present day. The artistic works came from Honorable Deliberative Council that worked until 1996 in the palace. You can also visit the library Esteban Echeverría which is also a workshop of book recovery. The building was used by Eva Perón by the time when the building was a Social assistance foundation. The building tries to bring the patrimonial wealth of the Legislature to visitors letting them know who worked for the installation and permanence of democracy.

Legislatura CABA

In conclusion, this is an open cultural propose, free and pleasant due to its originality. The museum shows all the heavy works of institutions from the Cabildo up to the actual communes as a democracy means to promote the development.

We recommend this tour for adults and children. You can visit the Palace from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. There is a special visit on the night os museum (near the end of October or first days November). The address is Perú 160, Capital Federal. The tour is free. For tour call to 4338-3000 int. 1040/1041.

Legislatura CABA