Coast train station Anchorena

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The coast train (or tren de la Costa in Spanish) is a touristic train which goes through the neighbourhoods of Vicente Lopez, San Isidro, San Fernando and Tigre. The train goes in parallel with the river and it has stopped on recreational areas. The train was inaugurated in 1995 and the idea was to have a touristic train. Currently, the stops are not very well maintained and the trains have fewer wagons than in the 90s. The tour is around 9,5 miles with 11 stops.

Tren de la cost working hours


From Monday to Friday the train works from 7 am to 9 pm. Every train departs every half an hour.


Saturday, Sunday and Holidays the train starts at 8:30 am and stops at 10 pm. Every train departs every half an hour also.

Ticket cost is around 1usd. You can buy tickets without sube, but we recommend to use a sube card.

Anchorena - Vicente Lopez

Anchorena estacion

We took a train from Retiro station in Buenos Aires. The train is calle “Mitre” and you have to get down at the last station called “Bartolome mitre”. From Bartolome mitre station, you have to walk one block inside the first station of tren de la Costa, called “Maipu”. Once you take tren de la Costa, you need to get down on Anchorena station and you will find a recreative zone right next to the river.

Ecological Reserve

The ecological reserve it’s for the city side around 900 feet. The reserve is around 3.5 acres and its the home of a lot of birds. You can see the following birds at the reserve carpinteros bataraz, garzas brujas, pollonas negras, differente bird species y hasta un par de lechuzones orejudos. You will find peace at this reserve and it's a recommended activity if you are going to visit tren de la costa. The entrance is free.


We don’t recommend walk past to the ecological reserve since there is a dangerous neighbourhood for tourists that are now known in this zone.

Anchorena Reserva 2


Anchorena muelle

Walking to the other side of the reserve you will find a dock where some people use to fish and have some mates, you could also have a coffee at the bar close to the dock.