A visit to La Boca, Buenos Aires

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Caminito is an alley museum and a traditional passage of great cultural and tourist value located at the neighbourhood of La Boca. The place acquired cultural meaning because it inspired the music of famous tango caminito.

La boca - Caminito

In Caminito, you will find contemporary artists which show and sell their art inspired on tango and the colours of the passage. Caminito is open from 11 am to 6 pm in winter and from 11 am to 8 pm in summer. The zone is very characteristics due to its houses (conventillos) with very particular colours. There are many gift shops open and a lot of places to eat great barbecues.

Convetillos de la boca

La Bombonera

La bombonera is located at a quarter of a mile from Caminito. La bombonera is the athletic club of Boca Juniors, a very well known soccer team were Maradonna used to play. At la Bombonera you can visit the museum or take a tour. The opening hours of la bombonera are from 10 am to 6 pm you can buy a museum ticket which costs around 10usd or you can buy the museum ticket plus a stadium visit at 13usd approx.

La Boca could be a very dangerous place when there is a soccer match at la bombonera. Never go to La Boca at night and try to avoid walking too far from the tourist streets. We also recommend using always a taxi to travel to La Boca since the surroundings of this neighbourhood are dangerous.

Riachuelo en la Boca