Ischigualasto Park - San Juan - Argentina

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Ischigualasto park or moon valley (Valle de la luna) is one of the most famous landscapes of San Juan. The park is very dry and there are very few rainfalls during the year in the park. The moon valley circuit has around 24 miles and you have to do it with a vehicle. The circuit takes around 3 hours.

Visit hours and price

The park has winter and summer hours for visits. The ticket to visit the park costs around 11usd. Children under 6 years are free. On a full moon, the ticket costs 15usd approx.

Valle pintado - Valle de la luna

If you are going to do the visit during the day remember to bring water, sun protector and hat. Always use the indicated paths and remember to protect nature.


From 21st Sept to 20th March from 8 am to 5 pm.


From 21st March to 20th Sept from 9 am to 4 pm.

Park information

The park maintains the landscape of 220 million years ago. The province park Ischigualasto is located at the northeast of the San Juan province at 200 miles from the provincial capital and from 45 miles from Valle Fertil (we recommend to stay at this place). Valle Fertil is a small town where most of the excursion started.

Bochas - Valle de la luna

Ischigualasto park has 62 mil acres and it was declared world heritage. Its very valued place due to its paleontological findings in these places. The landscape view makes you feel you are in the moon due to the geological forms built by millions of years thanks to the wind, water and sun. Visit these places makes you spy on the evolution of the earth.

Park stops

During the trip you will make several stops:

  • El gusano
  • Villa pintado
  • Cancha de bochas
  • El submarino
  • El hongo

In every stop, you will have a guide that will explain about each place. On full moon nights, there are special trips to the moon valley and this is something you must do if you have the opportunity. On a full moon, at the Ischigualasto park, you can even read a book. Touring the Pintado Valley, observing the capricious geoforms (The Submarine, The Sphinx, The Trays, The Fungus), walking the ancient land of dinosaurs in the silence of the night is a unique and unforgettable experience.

At the entrance of the park, you will find a museum with fossil replicas found at the park.

El Hongo - Valle de la luna