How to visit the inside of casa Rosada

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The pink house (Casa Rosada) is a palace located at Plaza de Mayo. The building works as the executive mansion and office of the president. This building was the residence of Spanish viceroys and then housed the authorities of successive home governments. Originally there were two constructions, one was the presidential headquarters and the other was the post office, but then the two buildings merged into one.

Interior de la casa rosada

You can visit the interior of the pink house on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 5:30 pm. The palace is located at Balcarce 50 at the Monserrat neighbourhood. To get there are many means, you can do it in public transport using the bus or the subway A (Plaza de mayo), D (Catedral) or E (Bolivar).

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Casa rosada

You will need to register at the Casa Rosada website to visit the inside of the palace. You can book the visit only with 15 days of anticipation. You will be asked to passport and the reservation ticker at the entrace and you will need to arrive 20 minutes earlier. The visit is recommended since it's a unique place in Buenos Aires with a lot of history. The duration is about 50 minutes.

Tours in English: Saturdays at 12.30 p.m. Free of charge.

The pink house has eight rooms, has 7 galleries, two offices, and three courtyards. The most important room to which you should take a photo is the white room. At the white roo the most important act took place, like a change of president ceremony, receptions of special guests, international treaty signatures are also carried out. During the visit, you will know each one of the corners of this palace, especially the president's office which will be a great experience.

Salon Blanco Casa Rosada

Without a doubt, it is a magnificent building and it is a must if you are visiting Buenos Aires.

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