Guided visits at Barolo Palace

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Barolo palace is located at Av. de Mayo 1370, close to the Congress. The palace offers guided visits to English.

Palacio Barolo

The Barolo palace offers different types of guided visits.

  • Noches extraordinarias: You will have a glass of wine and a tango show after the visit. cost is around 45usd for tourists. The duration is 2 hours.
  • Diurnal visits: Consists of visiting the palace on the most important floors. You will learn the history and meaning of each floor related to Divine comedy and masonry. The visit also includes the 360 balconies and the lighthouse at the top of the building. Duration is an hour and a half. The cost is around 20usd.

If you want to buy the guided visit, you can buy the tickets at the low level of the building at a small kiosk with a vitraux at the ceiling (see photo below).

Palacio Barolo

The guided tour is interesting, but the visit could be expensive if you compare with the empire state or top of the rock. You will have a nice view of the city from the top floor, but I will not impress yourself if you already visited other observation decks. If you don’t mind for paying the ticket, go ahead an give a try to it.