Café Tortoni: Old coffee store in Buenos Aires

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The coffee store is located at Av de Mayo 800, just at the Piedras St. of subway A and close to the Casa Rosada (Government House). The coffee store is open every day from 8 am to 1 am.

The name comes from the famous Tortoni coffee from Paris. Cafe Tortoni is one of the most representative coffee stores of the traditional Mayo avenue and is a legend at the city of Buenos Aires. The coffee store is great if you have a rainy day and you keep asking yourself “What to do on a rainy day in Buenos Aires?” then this coffee store is a must visit!

Dentro del cafe Tortoni

The coffee store is a member of the notables bar of Buenos Aires, this group gather the best bars and coffee stores in the city. Very famous people attended these places like Jorge Luis Borges and Alfonsina Storni and Carlos Gardel sing twice at the bar. At the end of the coffee store, you will find a small museum with Borges and Storni figures.

Cafe tortoni estilo

Advice and recommendations

It’s very common to find large queues of people waiting for entering the Tortoni, the wait time usually is 30 minutes. Once you get inside they attend it very cordially, the table is medium size and the chairs are very comfortable. Inside retains the classic structure of the 19th century. By the end of the bar, you will find some rooms with the history of the coffee store.

Larga file de espera en el Tortoni

When we went there the coffee and the medialunas or churros quality was good, but we are sure you can get better churros on the street. However, it is worth to visit the inside of this place after having a coffee.

Cafe tortoni

Prices are usually normal:

  • coffee costs 2,5usd
  • cappuccino 3,5usd
  • medialuna/churro 0,6usd

If you want to visit Cafe Tortoni don’t expect the best coffee, but just go to visit the inside which is amazing.

Cafe tortoni