Buenos Aires: China town

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China town in Buenos Aires is located in the neighbourhood of Belgrano, between Juramento and Blanco Encalada Street. This zone of the neighbourhood is known as "Barrio Chino", but several other oriental communities live here. This is a classic place to visit on your stay in Buenos Aires and to buy something at the supermarket or something to eat. The restaurant opens after midday and at night after 8-9pm, on Monday all restaurant are closed. The supermarket is open from 9 am until 8 pm, but some of them are open until 9 pm. On holidays all places are open. On chine town, you will find all type of stores, restaurant with oriental food, handicrafts and typical things you find in China town around the world.

You will find the main entrance at Juramente and Arribeños, which is a place where everyone takes a photo. On weekends china town is overcrowded and long queues are made to buy something at the supermarket. To avoid long queues we recommend to visit China town on a weekday, except for Monday since restaurants are closed.

If you want to visit a supermarket, we recommend "Casa China" which is the cheapest and you will find a good variety of products.

Barrio Chino

What to buy at china town?

If this is your first time on any china town, you should try to buy some food. We recommend "melona" ice cream palette. Melona is a popular korean ice cream in Buenos Aires and you can buy it from almost any store in china town. If you are thirsty we recommend to buy some cold iced tea or some tin juice. The most popular ti juice is grape, but you will find a lot of variety like mango, cinnamon, Lychee, etc. You can also buy fortune cookies and ginger candies (we love them!). Many Asian restaurants can be found in this area from China, but also from Korea, Thailand and Japan. You can also buy sushi at supermarkets.