Argentina typical food dishes

In these articles, we are going to tell you which food and dishes you should not miss if you visit Argentina. Argentina has a lot of different dishes and the price are usually very accessible for tourists.

  • Asado: The most important “dish” you must have if you visit Argentina. Asado is a barbecue which local meat cuts. Some local well-known meat cuts are: Vacio, Asado, colita de cuadril. .Asado sometimes includes lamb, goatling, chorizo and morcilla
  • Empandas: are a thin dough filled with meat, chicken, vegetables. The dough could be fried or baked. We recommend trying meat empanadas from “La americana” (fried if you can).
  • Puchero: is a local stew with meat and vegetables. Some restaurants sell it, if you see it we recommend to try it.
  • Milanesa: Breaded thin meat that is usually fried. You can buy it at bakery as a sandwich with tomato and lettuce. There is a very well know place called “Club de la milanesa”.
  • Churrasco/Bife: If you like meat, you must try the steak of Argentina. One of the best steaks is “Bife de chorizo”.Bife de chorizo is not chorizo (explained below) is a tender steak
  • Locro: Stew made from cassava which could include meat and entrails. It’s very common to eat locro on the 25th of May to celebrate the may revolution.
  • Choripan/Chorizo: One of the most popular street foods of Argentina is the chorizo. You will find a lot of chorizo at protests and at fairs. Chorizo is like a bug sausage made of pork and cow.


One of the most famous and popular drink is the mate. mate is an infusion made from “yerba mate”, The infusion could have sugar and orange husks. Mate is usually drunk at social meetings at parks. It's very common to see Argentinian (but this is seen more on Uruguay) with thermos under their arms at the streets. You should try to have a mate, remember that mate is an energy drink. You can also buy “mate cocido” at supermarkets in the form of bags (to use it with a cup of tea).