Planetary in Palermo (Buenos Aires)

Check here what to do in Palermo at Ciudad Autonoma of Buenos Aires. Here we explain details about planetary (Planetario) which is near to Plaza Italia. We recommend to watch the lights show at 10:00pm on the weekends, check here for more details and another times and days to watch this light show. There are another activities to do.

Brooklyn tour: What you should not miss on Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a must visit borough of New York. In this article we explain a tour that you can do by yourself. One spot you can avoid is Water and Washington St on Dumbo. Near Brooklyn Heights you have an amazing view of Manhattan.

Buenos Aires: China town

China town in Buenos Aires is located at Belgrano neighbourhood. Supermarkets are open from 9am to 8pm. You can find a lot of asian restaurants at china town. Restaurant are closed on Monday. Check here for more details on how to visit china town in Buenos Aires.