Bahamas versus Miami

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In this blog post we are going to compare Hollywood Beach versus Grand Bahama. We do this comparison since travelling to Grand Bahama can be done in very close to Hollywood beach in Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale.

Miami offer a lot of options to do, like restaurants and night clubs. The beach is not so nice as some people could expect and the sand is not so white. The miami sea is usually calm, but the beach could get deep very fast. You will see people at the beach in Hollywood beach, but not a crowd of people which is very nice for Holidays.

At Grand Bahama you will not have any other option to eat than the Hotel. It's very rare to see people on the beach and you will not have a baywatch. The sea is very calm and to find deep water you will need to swin a lot. The water is more warn then in Miami and the sand is amazingly white.